Services and products for investors

In the interest of the investors, TUTKOVSKY carries out the management of projects on the study and the use of separate kinds of energy (oil, gas, solid combustible minerals), mineral (ore, non-ore and production wastes), water (underground waters) resources, and also project managements or programmes (totality of projects) on assessment of the resource potential of certain types or groups of these resources and the economic feasibility of its development in certain countries (regions).

Also, TUTKOVSKY exercises administration of investment projects on the study and the use of land, water (surface water) and alternative energy resources.

We own the information for carrying out of the analysis, estimation and forecast on the implementation of investments into the use of natural resources. In the conditions of transitive economy, the availability of the information is the basis to substantiate the expediency of adopting administrative solutions. The correct engaging of investments in key, decisive points and facilities of the national economy allows investors to achieve multiplier effects when the indirect control applies to capitals, resources and capacities that far exceed the invested funds.

We make projects transparent to investors; we monitor and increase efficiency thereby increasing profit. Performing the contract with the customer on management of projects or programmes, TUTKOVSKY, on behalf of the client, holds open tenders for the provision of all types of services and delivery of necessary materials and equipment. Service companies and suppliers of services and products, the TUTKOVSKY Hub partners, can participate in these tenders on a common basis but their supply of services and equipment do not have any advantage. According to the transparent procedure, tender commission, which necessarily includes representatives of the customer, identifies contractors and suppliers of materials and equipment.

Such an approach objectifies and minimizes the size of the investment costs for the client.

TUTKOVSKY, in case of economic feasibility, organises new service companies and productions of separate kinds of products to ensure the needs of local clients in services, equipment and materials.

Services of the TUTKOVSKY in project management differ from such services rendered by large service companies, which, instead of project management services in the interests of the client, offer their own expensive integrated services.


Management of projects and programmes related to the use of natural resources

At separate stages of field exploration and development, TUTKOVSKY manages integrated projects on revealing, studying, developing and operating the energy (oil, gas, and solid combustible minerals), mineral (ore, non-ore and production wastes) and water (underground waters) resources. Fulfilling a customer contract on the management of integrated projects, TUTKOVSKY organizes a provision of comprehensive services and full support of the project with the necessary materials and equipment.

TUTKOVSKY manages projects at all stages of their implementation.


Initiation and planning of projects

TUTKOVSKY is familiar with the situation on the markets of energy and mineral raw materials, has its own database of geological data on various types of resources, countries and territories. Monitoring the market and analysing the propositions from brand new companies is constantly carried out; own investigations and forming of a portfolio of investment projects are conducted. In the interest of investors, TUTKOVSKY also assumes responsibility for projects already initiated by the production companies and for which they have already obtained licenses for prospective areas or mineral deposits.

To determine the expediency and possibility of initiating a project, the TUTKOVSKY performs:

  • Analysis of the market of fuel, energy and mineral raw materials;
  • Data gathering and selection of the licensed areas, assessing the resource potential and geological risks of field discovery within the prospective area;
  • Investment evaluation of prospective areas and deposits, assessment of political, environmental and other risks of the field development;
  • Analyses of possibilities for the attraction of additional investments for the project implementation.

TUTKOVSKY designs the projects for production companies related to the separate stages of the study, development and production of fields and also integrated projects; drafts business plans in conformity with the international standards; carries out an appraisal of projects with the involvement of independent competent persons. TUTKOVSKY developed regulations based on the geological and economical evaluation of oil and gas fields, various types of solid combustible, ore and non-ore mineral resources and underground waters. These regulations take into account the geological and industrial type and the complexity of the geological structure, other features of the deposits, which allow determining the most effective method of study.

In modern conditions, an essential component of the overall assessment of the project’s economic efficiency is the assessment of the social impact of its implementation. TUTKOVSKY develops the standardised tools of such assessment, which is included in the project structure and is the basis of social and humanitarian investigations to determine the direct and indirect social and psychological impact from the implementation of the particular project.

During project planning, TUTKOVSKY carries out:

  • Determination of an efficient methodology and design of exploration works;
  • Compilation of databases out of available geological information;
  • Consulting on legal, financial, mining and geological, technological, environmental, marketing, administrative, and human resources management;
  • Engagement of third-party contractors and suppliers;
  • Analyses the field development risks and elaborates the recommendations for their minimisation;
  • Conducts coordination with stakeholders.


Implementation of projects

At the stage of project implementation, TUTKOVSKY, based on its capabilities and acquired experience, either provides supervision of services at some stages of the exploration and exploitation of the deposit, or takes responsibility for achieving the goals of the integrated project, managing the full cycle of exploration, development and exploitation of the field and sale of output products.

What is important is that project management remains a business independent of other activities of TUTKOVSKY: provision of services related to the exploration and use of natural resources, production and deliveries of materials and equipment for these objectives. Through tender procedures, TUTKOVSKY selects the best contractors and suppliers. Mandatory participation of customer representatives in tender committees ensures a transparent procedure for their decision-making.

In case of economic viability, TUTKOVSKY organizes local service companies, manages the technological, logistical and staff recruitment support of these companies.

Such an integrated approach to the management of project implementation gives a possibility to optimize production processes and to implement appropriate corrective actions, if necessary.

TUTKOVSKY’s experience shows that the need always arises to conduct negotiations in the local community to approve the implementation of projects related to the use of natural resources on their territory of residence. This experience testifies that each community has its own specific peculiarities related both to conditions of vital functions (industrial, infrastructure, environmental), and to subjective characteristics (ethnopsychological, traditional, leadership, etc.). Without knowledge and consideration of these characteristics, it is impossible to build effective cooperation.

TUTKOVSKY, under the developed methodologies, composes a portrait of the community, carries out training sessions and seminars on the socially-humanitarian aspects of the project implementation to prepare the group of negotiators.

At the stages of prospecting and exploration of fields of energy/mineral raw materials and underground waters, TUTKOVSKY manages:

  • A range of geological, geochemical, geophysical, hydrogeological, geological engineering and environmental studies;
  • Exploration drilling to explore oil and gas fields, solid fuel and groundwater deposits;
  • Deposit subsoil development;
  • Testing and analysis of rock samples;
  • Lab and factory-based technological studies of natural resources;
  • 3D modelling of prospects and deposits, evaluation of natural resource reserves in accordance with international standards.

At the stages of development and exploitation of fields of energy/mineral raw materials and underground waters, TUTKOVSKY manages:

  • Designing of oil and gas field development projects;
  • Designing of drilling projects to drill oil and gas wells of various profiles (vertical, directional, horizontal) with full geophysical support (navigation, open and cased hole logging, well perforating);
  • Drilling of oil and gas wells, cementing of columns, preparation and conduct of hydraulic fracturing;
  • Drawing up technical specifications and conducting of well workover and well stimulation works;
  • Selection and development of the most economically viable and environmentally friendly technologies for production, processing and beneficiation of solid minerals, management and processing of production waste;
  • Designing and construction of mining enterprises for underground, open and combined mine development;
  • Designing and construction of minerals beneficiation plants and metallurgical enterprises;
  • Designing and construction of transportation networks to transport products (pipelines for oil, gas and other products) and to store them (underground gas storages);
  • Designing and construction of water intake, drainage and protection of groundwater against pollution;
  • Production, processing and marketing of final products;
  • Geological support of natural resources production and operational exploration throughout the life cycle of the deposit;
  • Health, Safety, Security& Environmental protection (HSSE).

In conditions of instability and crisis phenomena in the global market, one of the main problems of the production companies is the sale of their products. TUTKOVSKY is constantly studying the situation, tendencies and forecasts of expected changes in the market of energy and mineral commodities. Knowledge of the market enables us to recommend the weighted steps regarding investment in exploration and production projects, regulation of production, technological renewal of production, creation of new logistics chains of supply products. Based on the experience and contacts with consumers, we will arrange for production companies’ stable sales of their products at the best prices.

We incur the obligation to inform the public about the social and environmental aspects of the projects we manage. The population’s information awareness regarding the benefits from the rational use of natural resources is key to the success of production companies.


Monitoring, control and completion of projects

TUTKOVSKY performs monitoring and control of all production processes, logistic support and the sale of final products. This allows to predict possible risks, including environmental and social ones to take necessary actions in order to prevent them.

At the stage of the project completion, TUTKOVSKY provides services related to the management of the liquidation of production/mining companies and rehabilitation of the production/mining territory.

TUTKOVSKY also manages projects or programmes (group of projects) to ensure the resource potential of mining companies on certain types or groups of minerals in specific regions. These programmes include:

  • Collecting data of previous studies and analysis of the geological conditions and perspectives of the specific territory for discovery of required raw materials;
  • Selection and preliminary geological and prognostic evaluation of prospective areas;
  • Recommendations on the feasibility of obtaining licenses for geological study.

Among the suppliers of services and products of the TUTKOVSKY International Hub, there are institutions, organisations and enterprises with a scientific basis and significant experience in research, development and practical implementation of methods and technologies of rational use of land, water (surface water) and unconventional energy resources. Based on their capabilities, TUTKOVSKY carries out management of investment projects related to the use of these natural resources.


Organisation of new service companies and production of certain products to meet the needs of local clients

Having a long-term experience in the provision of its own services and in its own production as well as taking into consideration the analysis of the needs of local markets, TUTKOVSKY organizes new service companies and productions to support the projects of exploration and production of energy (oil, gas, solid combustible minerals), mineral (ore, non-ore and production wastes) and water (underground waters) resources, in particular.

Service companies:

  • Exploration companies:
    • Integrated service companies;
    • Geophysical companies;
    • Drilling companies;
    • Mining companies.
  • Mining and ore-processing companies.
  • Building companies for construction of technological and infrastructural facilities, networks of transportation of extracted products and their storage (underground gas storages).

Enterprises for production of:

  • Drilling rigs and equipment;
  • Drilling mud and their components;
  • Exploration and other equipment;
  • Building materials and structures.

Also, if necessary, considering the situation in the local market, TUTKOVSKY organises for the investing service companies and productions of the equipment for the use of land, water (surface water), and unconventional energy resources.