Services to the bodies of local self-government

TUTKOVSKY, exercising management of project and programmes on the use of natural resources commissioned by the investors or governments and providing services to production companies, takes up the active social position that consists in harmonious coexistence, interplay and constant dialogue with the territorial communities, participation in the solution of the sharpest social problems. We closely co-operate with the bodies of local self-government which are representatives of these communities. An awareness and interest of the population concerning the project is pledged towards its successful implementation.

The best social protection of the working population is the availability of work and decent wages. Therefore, increasing of an occupation level of local population and development of the labour market thanks to the implementation of projects is one of the main strategic directions of our activity. Many new jobs and filling the budgets of all levels also depends on attracting investments and development of production.

Insufficiency of budgetary resources for high-grade financing of communities predetermines necessity of supplement by the investment resources that can effectively be involved and used during the implementation of projects on the use of natural resources. It determines a necessity in the harmonisation of interests of business and authority, including local ones. We develop, for bodies of local self-government, a system of taxes and tax collections in the budget of local level from extracting and other activities on the use of the natural resources, acceptable to the investors and production companies.

In cooperation with local authorities, we determine what investments, in the form of social subvention, the community can reasonably achieve from production companies, and we promote the conclusion of the investment agreements between the company and the local community.

TUTKOVSKY provides services to the bodies of local self-government on the independent expert evaluation of projects of other companies, which are implemented or planned for implementation in the given territory relative to the impact on the surrounding medium, health, economic and social situation, habitual way of life and a method of activity of the population. By results of the examination, conducted by TUTKOVSKY, well-founded calculations of the project impact on changes in the socio-humanitarian situation in the life of the local community are obtained. These calculations become an important argument in the dialogue of local authorities with business organisations and the local population. Showing realistically the ratio of positive and negative effects of projects for the community, they allow, on the one hand, the formulation of clear requirements for the production companies, and on the other hand a reduction in the likelihood of negative attitude of the population to a specific project.

We conduct background ecological and social investigations prior to the beginning of the project. We develop and implement a system to monitor the impact of productive activity on a condition of soils, ambient air, superficial and underground waters, development of dangerous geological processes, ensuring the online control of the information on the environmental state based on geo-modelling. Thanks to this, the local authority gets the opportunity in due time to demand from production companies the implementation of corrective action to prevent environmental and social risks.

Local governments that represent the interests of communities, whose territories of residence suffer from the aftereffects of the completed production activity, uncontrolled cutting down of woods, depletion of soils as a result of cultivation of monocultures etc., obtain from TUTKOVSKY the services on elaboration of programmes of environmental restoration and their presentation to the governments of the countries and to the profile international funds.