Equipment of the Tutkovsky PJSC

  • Logging systems for “turnkey” research of oil and gas and ore wells;
  • Support equipment;
  • Special tools and spare parts.

The company also ensures services for the customers on the provision of technologies and modern equipment of leading global companies:

  • Analysis and selection of technologies, techniques and equipment for prospecting, exploration and production of oil, gas and other minerals of the best manufacturers to implement programmes and projects of the customer;
  • Market evaluation and selection of the best technical and technological solutions to solve customer problems and tasks, search for innovative solutions;
  • Selection of range and set of machinery and equipment optimal by performance and cost;
  • Organization of procurement and supply of required technologies, equipment and machinery of the best global manufacturers;
  • Introduction of modern technologies of geological prospecting, exploration and mining on customer’s sites, including organization of relevant training.

The commercial success of Tutkovsky PJSC is based on an intelligent combination of own works and policies on outsourcing and modern production facilities. The company owns key technological processes. Using high quality materials of international manufacturers, the company managed to get a stable positive result in the production of innovative geophysical equipment.

The company develops baseline technological processes:

  • Metal cutting;
  • Welding technologies;
  • Metals reinforcement technologies;
  • Assembly technologies;
  • Testing and trials technologies.

Welding technologies enable the assembly of structures made of ferrous metals and stainless materials.

Specificity of geophysical instruments refers to works at high pressure with high temperature. It puts high demands on the strength of the applied materials, which in turn requires the use of such technologies:

  • Strengthening with thermal methods;
  • Strengthening with methods of electrolytic deposition and dissolution;
  • Strengthening with chemical deposition of solutions;
  • Strengthening with methods of physical impact of concentrated high energy.

Assembly of instruments is the prerogative of the company. All the devices are assembled by the company to detect hidden defects in the devices and the ability to control assembly operations.

The quality of manufactured equipment, all parts and assembly units is constantly monitored by employees of the test laboratory of the plant. The laboratory is equipped with facilities and equipment for the complete test cycle during assembly and performs the full cycle of metrological support of production. Availability of two test wells with equipment for round-lifting operations enables customers to provide products to the customers under conditions close to the field to the maximum degree.

Tutkovsky PJSC has been a member of the International association of scientific, technical and business cooperation on geophysical testing and has been working in wells since 2007.

The company has been licensed by the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine to perform activities with sources of ionizing radiation and radioactivity logging geophysical equipment.

Tutkovsky PJSC has the certificate to conduct metrological works in the test laboratory of the plant.