About the Tutkovsky PJSC

Within the TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources, Tutkovsky PJSC bears responsibility for the implementation of agreements on the provision of production and supply services concerning materials and equipment for projects on the study and rational use and management of natural resources.

Performing obligations of a general contractor, the company, applying the opportunities of the Hub partners, organizes marketing and sales, takes part in tenders of the customers and signs contracts for all necessary product range; based on transparent internal competition in the hub, it attracts subcontractors, coordinates and supervises their work.

After optimization of the structure and productions of affiliated companies according to the Lean system – a system of cost-effective production - a problem on production and supply of materials and the equipment to realize projects on use of natural resources which were performed by the Tutkovsky Plant PJSC, are now transferred as the production program to Tutkovsky PJSC.

Company history embraces the period lasting more than 70 years, and if one takes into account the history of Tutkovsky Plant PJSC even more than 80 years.

The history of the enterprise establishment originates in 1936 when to support geological exploration in East Ukraine for oil and gas and development of the reserves of discovered fields the workshops to repair equipment have been installed in Romny town of Sumy region that further became the factory to produce equipment for geological exploration.

In May 1945 he Ukrainian branch of the ‘Geofizyka’ Factory in Kiev was established by the order of USSR Ministry ‘NarkomNaftoProm’.

Development highlights:

1945 – 1950

Establishment of Ukrainian branch of "Geofizyka" Factory, preparation and production of the first geophysical devices and the equipment.

Building of objects of engineering workshops in Romny town which served for drilling rigs in areas of Izum, Shebelinka, Chernigov, Krasnyi Oskol, and also in Moldova and Belarus.

1951 – 1970

In February 1951, the branch became independent and was called Kyiv instrumentation plant. The plant became the main production base of geophysical instrumentation of the former Soviet Union.

1970 – 1980

Kiev Geofizprylad plant produced over 80% downhole equipment used by geophysical enterprises of the Soviet Union within the search and exploration of oil and gas.

Reconstruction and re-equipment of the plant in 1976 increased production capacity, introduced new technology and manufacturing processes.

In total, during the period of operation, the plant ensured development and establishment of mass production of more than 200 types of downhole geophysical instruments and equipment for wide application. In particular, devices of the plant were used for research at high pressures and temperatures of the Kola Superdeep Borehole.

Essential technical refurbishment and expansion of capacities in Romny in 1978, after factory direct redeployment to Ministry of geology of Ukraine.

1996 – 1997

After privatization of the enterprises for manufacturing of geophysical devices and the exploration equipment work for JSC Nadra, and for Nadra Group since 1999, respectively.


The design office for the development and implementation of new geophysical instruments was established.


The first stage of a complex technological upgrading of the enterprise was completed. Construction of new techniques and development of production technology were carried in compliance with international standards. Hardware and software systems for 3D modelling and process design, such as CAD Creo Parametric, were mastered and implemented in production. Development of electronics was performed using the electronic devices design package – Altinum Designer. Digital geophysical instruments were developed and manufactured.

In 2005 at Plant Tutkovsky Plant PJSC were developed and produced mobile modular units, namely cars-houses of a various special-purpose design. Except the equipment for petroleum industry, the enterprise begins production of spare parts for agricultural machinery, details and components of the equipment for alternative energy production.


Modernization of metal-working machinery was completed. The enterprise was equipped with modern HAAS machinery with numerical control.

2009 – 2015

Modular digital geophysical instruments, NN Series, were developed and introduced to production. Mass production of the devices of own design were started. The agreement with the Warrior (Scientific Data Systems Inc., USA) on cooperation and technological support was concluded.

Nowadays, the company has a full cycle of development and production of geophysical equipment and machinery, primarily borehole equipment for all kinds of research at the operating temperature up to + 200°C and pressure up to 150 MPa.

Since 2016

Cooperation network building for the partner enterprises to deliver the materials and the equipment for maintenance of projects to study and use of natural resources aiming a wide range of customers.

Continuation of own manufactured products supply (logging instruments, spare parts and accessories to them in particular) to the enterprises of an oil and gas complex of Ukraine.

Establishment of the Centre for testing, adjustment and reparation of geophysical well equipment to meet demands of the enterprises of a partner network of the TUTKOVSKY Hub of Natural Resources

To perform its function in the Hub, the company uses the legacy of CJSC Nadra concerning experience in the corporation of Ukrzarubizhnaftohaz on delivery of products of tens of Ukrainian companies to foreign markets, the ability to consolidate the efforts of groups of companies for the implementation of large projects.