Quality management

Thanks to a combination of the capabilities of partners in the Hub, we are bringing a new level of quality to the world, exceeding the expectations of our customers in technical superiority, innovation and investment attractiveness. The TUTKOVSKY is guided by the principles of quality assurance in all aspects of our services to provide the clients with transparent and reliable solutions at all stages of implementing projects under our management. We are customer-oriented and provide an individual approach to each of them.

We carry out integrated monitor and multi-level strategic management of the entire production process, all machinery park; Monitoring the technical conditions of the instruments, machines and mechanisms, stand-alone equipment and other systems, simultaneously concentrating attention on three factors: ensuring high safety of production facilities, reducing operating costs and, consequentially, increasing profitability.

Advantages for clients implementing ISO 9001:2008, 9001:2015 in the companies-contractors of projects:

  • involvement of the company’s employees in the activities on quality improvement;
  • continuous perfecting of the quality of products (services) and processes;
  • use of scientific approaches to solve problems;
  • regular self-estimation;
  • prevention of defects and inconsistencies;
  • improving the quality of goods and services to ensure a higher level of client satisfaction;
  • increasing the trust of consumers;
  • formation of a corporate culture in terms of quality improvement.