Popularization of the Earth Sciences

The TUTKOVSKY considers a popularisation of problems related to nature management as an important direction of work among youth and the great masses of population.

A lot of place on the pages of the Geologist of Ukraine magazine were occupied by popular scientific materials concerning geological monuments of Ukraine, stone products, unique historical constructions, medicinal properties of minerals. Young readers could not but be interested in the stories of famous scientists about travel to different countries of the world. Important importance was also attached to the placement of information materials on school geological Olympiads, excursions, contests.

A true gift to future geologists of Ukraine was the publication of the popular science book by Rostyslav Furdui «Brother of the sun and wind», issued on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Nadra Group of companies.

Annually mineralogical calendars are published that promote the popularization of geology and nature management.

Date Measure or event
2017 Bezvynnyi V., Krochak M., Liventseva H.A. Preservation and accrual of the achievements of Ukrainian scientists in new forms of work with pupils’ youth. //Materials of the Scientific Practical Conference «The Cultural heritage of the petroleum capital of Precarpathians». April 24–25, 2017. Boryslav–Skhidnytsia). – Lviv: The NVF «Maps and Atlases». 2017. – Pages 108–110.
2016 Krochak M. Experience of carrying out and an importance of geological excursions for pupils of the French Lyceum named after Anna Kyivska. //Materials of the II International Scientific Practical Conference «Geotourism: practice and experience» (May 5–7, 2021. Lviv). – Lviv: The NVF «Maps and Atlases». 2016. – Pages 24–25.
2016 Liventseva H.A. Geological excursions as an important element in the system of professional development of geography teachers. //Materials of the II International Scientific Practical Conference «Geotourism: practice and experience» (May 5–7, 2016. Lviv). – Lviv: The NVF «Maps and Atlases». 2016. – Pages 26–28.
2015 Krochak M.D., Liventseva H.A. A role of geological museums in the enlightenment project «Nadra earthly and spiritual». / Natural museums and their role in education and science: Materials of the International Scientific Conference (October 27–30, 2015. Kyiv). – Kyiv. 2015. – Part 1. – Pages 70–71.
2014 G. Liventseva, M. Krochak. Primary geological education in Ukraine //European Geologist. – 2014. – 38. – P.70–72.
2014 Liventseva H.A., Krochak M. Experimental enlightenment project of the AUPO «Ukrainian Association of Geologists» and the Tutkovsky Institute «Nadra earthly and spiritual». //Mineralogy: the Present and the Future. Materials of the VIII Scientific Readings named after Academician Yevhen Lazarenko / Resp. Ed. O. Matkovskyi. – Lviv: The LNU named after Ivan Franko. 2014. – Pages 98–101
2014 Liventseva H.A., Krochak M.D. Initial geological education – investment in the future of the country. //Materials of the International Scientific Conference «The role of higher educational institutions in the development of geology» (to the 70th anniversary of the Geological Faculty of Kyiv National University of Taras Shevchenko). March, 31st – April 3rd, 2014. (Kyiv, Ukraine). – K., 2014. – Pages 20–21.
2013 Zahorodniuk P.O., Liventseva A.A. The enlightenment project «Nadra Earthly and Spiritual» (Geology – to children) //Geology in school and university: Geology and civilization. Volume II. Education. St.-Petersburg. Publishing house RGPU named after A.I. Herzen. – 2013. – Pages 122–127.
2013 Liventseva H.A. Popularisation of geological knowledge through enlightenment projects of the Tutkovsky Institute //Modern problems of geology: Collection of scientific works dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the birth of Academician Pavlo Apollonovych Tutkovsky – Kyiv: Photon. 2013. – Pages 42–45.
2013 Krochak M.D., Marchenko T.P. Geology in secondary school//Geology in school and university. Geology and civilization. Materials of the VIII International Conference and Summer School. Volume 2. Education. Under the editorship of E.M. Nesterov – S.-Petersburg: Publishing house named after A.I. Herzen. – 2013. Pages 115–118.
2013 Krochak M.D., Marchenko T.P. From the school special course «Nadra earthly (Fundamentals of Geology)» – to the geological lyceum. Modern problems of geology»: Collection of scientific papers devoted to the 155 anniversary from the date of a birth of the academician of the Pavlo Apollonovych Tutkovsky – K., 2013. – Pages 36–40.
2013 Krochak M. Pre-university acquaintance with geology – beginning of geological education //Geol. of Ukr. magazine. – 2013. –# 2. – Pages 17–21.
2013 Lelyk B.I., Liventseva A.A. Training programs of the Higher Educational Institution of post-graduated education «Tutkovsky Institute» //Geology in school and university: Geology and civilization. Volume II. Education. St.-Petersburg. Publishing house RGPU named after A.I. Herzen. –2013. – Page 81–84.
2012 Liventseva H.A. The role of geological monuments in the formation of an ecological-geological worldview.
2012 Liventseva H.A. To the scientific bottoms of formation of geological-ecological worldview of youth //Ukrainian Geologist. –2012. –#1–2 (37–38). – Pages 120–126.
September 21st, 2012 Presentation of the book of R.S. Furdui «Brother of the sun and wind» in Lviv. The publishing group of the Tutkovsky Institute was first presented at the largest book exhibition of Ukraine – Publishers Forum.
2011 Liventseva H.A. Problems of oil and coal geology as the most relevant in geological science and education at the beginning of the 21st century / H.A. Liventseva //Proceedings of the Donetsk National Technical University. Series: Mining and Geological. – Issue # 15 (192). –2011. – # 4. – Pages 8–12.
2011 Within the framework of «Enlightenment programmes for youth» at the expense of the Nadra Group of companies the R.S. Furdui’s book was published «Brother of the sun and wind» (popularly about geologists and geology), devoted to young geologists of Ukraine
1999 The Orthodox Calendar for the 2000 anniversary of the Nativity of Christ in the series «Nadra earthly and spiritual» was issued with the financial support of Nadra Group.
1998 The printed series was started «Nadra earthly and spiritual». The calendar: «The Cossack is truthful soul» was published. (Cossack Mamai’s image – a symbol representing Ukraine – from different authors and epochs).
Since 1998 The printing of annual mineralogical calendars has begun (in cooperation with the Ukrainian Mineralogical Society).