Environment protection

One of the characteristic features of the end of the 20th century was the radical changes in priorities for the use of traditional energy resources in favour of renewable energy sources. The aggravation of the situation with environmental pollution and the release of information on the threat of environmental safety put on the TUTKOVSKY agenda the need for the search for new technologies of the extraction of natural resources and the use of technologies for the restoration of damaged areas.

In connection with the impossibility of solving environmental issues in a separately taken territory, the environmental policy of the company envisaged the implementation of a number of environmental protection projects. On May 16th, 2000 the All-Ukrainian public organisation «Clean Wave» was created. As a member of public councils at the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, she organized and participated in a number of activities aimed at protecting and preserving the environment. Such a work envisaged cooperation with the general public and training of specialists of relevant qualifications. Specialists of the company completed the course of environmental audit at the State Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management. In addition, a course on environmental safety was launched in the PHEI «Tutkovsky Institute». Specialists of the company took part in the development of the Strategy of National Environmental Policy of Ukraine, which was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The TUTKOVSKY team pays great attention to the education and ecological training of youth, organizing scientific and practical conferences and forums. Employees of the TUTKOVSKY actively participate in the «green» subbotniks, setting an example of careful respect to the nature.

Date Measure or event  
2015 The licence for educational activity was obtained «Environmental safety».
2015 System aid to the Kyiv Sailing Sport Federation. The Kyiv Sailing Federation, the largest in Ukraine, unites 7 yacht clubs, a flotilla, a school of higher sports skills, children’s and youth school of higher sports skills, 2 branches of integrated sports schools and 450 members. Thanks to P.O. Zahorodniuk, the historical Kyiv river yacht club was restored; the unique in Ukraine competitions «International Youth Regatta» was initiated. Thanks to the support of TUTKOVSKY, the calendar of sports competitions in Kyiv is annually performed (18-20 citywide regattas, assistance is given to the best yachtsmen of the federation for the acquisition of materiel equipment, financing of business trips for participation in international competitions.
April 23–25, 2013 The 10th jubilee International Ecological Forum was held in the International Exhibition Center of Kyiv «Environment for Ukraine». Ukrainian Association of Geologists took an active part in the exhibition held within the framework of this forum. At its stand, the collective members of Association have been presented: The Nadra Group of companies, which provides financial and informational support, as well as the Tutkovsky Institute, which together with the Ukrainian Association of Geologists implements a number of social projects for enlightenment projects.
November 5–8, 2013 The Tutkovsky Institute participated in the exhibition «Ecology of the enterprise», that taken place within the framework of the XI International Water Forum «AQUA UKRAINE – 2013».
2009-2012 The All-Ukrainian public organisation «Clean Wave» as a member of social councils at Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources, and the Department of Ecology at the Kyiv State Administration organises the State Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine and participates in a number of the measures aimed at protection and maintenance of the environment.
December 12th, 2012 A round table on the development of shale gas was organized by the Tutkovsky Institute and held at the Teacher’s House (Kyiv).
May 13–14, 2011 VII International Scientific Practical Conference took place «Modern problems of ecological psychology» (Kyiv) with the support of the Tutkovsky Institute.
April 19–21, 2011 The International Ecological Forum «Environment for Ukraine». The most successful world companies operating in sphere of pure techniques and ecological safety were involved in participation in the Forum. Among participants there were Tutkovsky Institute and an All-Ukrainian public organisation «Clean Wave».
2008 Project «Environmental inventory of settlements of beavers in the Kyiv Oblast». Scientists of Institute of zoology of the NAS of Ukraine participated in investigations on a Project implementation. The works were carried out together with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with the support of representatives of the local executive authorities of the Vyshhorod district.
2008 The events dedicated to the «Environment Day» were carried out. Sevastopol branch of the All-Ukrainian public organization «Clean Wave» and pupils of school # 27 planted seedlings in the city.
2008 At the expense of funds of the ZAT «Ukrnaftohazgheofizyka» and other structures of ZAT «Nadra Group» there were acquired the horticultural sundry, planting material, seeds of a grass to conduct a subbotnik in occasion of the Environment Day in Obolonskyi district of Kyiv.
2008 At the request of hydrobiological section of the Minor Academy of Sciences, on the basis of a Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth the All-Ukrainian public organisation «Clean Wave» organised an excursion to a Kyiv HPP with the provision of transport.
2008 There were conducted works in the framework of the project «Increasing biodiversity and increasing the nature protection value of protective bands in the floodplain of Desna river». Conducted by the «Clean Wave» branch with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The students of the Department of Ecology of the University of Modern Knowledge and members of the Minor Academy of Sciences took part in the conference on the basis of the Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth.
2008 All-Ukrainian public organization «Clean Wave» conducted an excursion of members of the Kyiv Minor Academy of Sciences «Researcher» to the Kyiv HPP.
2008 For students of the National University «Kyiv-Mohyla Academy», National Aviation University and the staff of the Institute of Hydrobiology of the NAS of Ukraine the All-Ukrainian public organization «Clean Wave» organized an excursion to the Desnianska water treatment station.
2007 All-Ukrainian public organization «Pure Wave» conducted a tour of students of the Department of Ecology of the National Aviation University and members of the Minor Academy of the Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth to the Kyiv water canal, Desnianskyi water intake and water treatment station.
2007 The All-Ukrainian public organisation «Clean Wave», together with the ZAT «Nadra Group» in Sevastopol, presented a project «Carrying out of measures on complex clearing of Azov-Black Sea water areas with their subsequent ecological certification». Leading specialists of Sevastopol and other Crimean scientific and educational institutions were involved in the work.
2006 Performance of the project «The Dnieper Islands», Within the framework of which a training seminar for students of the Department of Ecology of the University of Modern Knowledge was held to determine the ecological status of the territories and acquaintance with rare representatives of flora and fauna brought in the Red Book of Ukraine. With the financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
2005 Conducting the All-Ukrainian Conference to the Environment Day «Role and place of the ecological component in activity and programmes of political parties and public organisations on the eve of the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine».
2005 Performance of the project «Southern Bug is my river». It was performed at a support of the Canadian fund of collaboration with assistance of a Southern Bug Basin Authority of a State Committee on Water Management of Ukraine. The posters were manufactured and sent to the Department of Pedagogy of the Khmelnytskyi Oblast Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, Vinnitsa Institute of Postgraduate Education of Pedagogical Workers; through regional departments of education – to the schools of the Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytsia, Kirovograd, Odesa and Mykolaiv Oblasts. The materials of the project have been used in the Verkhovna Rada committee hearings «Granitical and Steppe Pobuzhia».
May, 2005 Conducting an excursion to the Desnianskyi water intake of Kyiv for the members of the youth branch of the All-Ukrainian public organization «Clean Wave» together with the circles of the Kyiv Minor Academy of Sciences on the basis of the Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth.
2003 There was started a project «Improvement of the ecological condition of bays where the spawning and a fattening of tiny fishes is taking place». With the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Specialists from the Institute of Hydrobiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine were involved in the work.
April, 2002 Scientific and Practical Conference «Kyiv and Kyiv Sea: problems of coexistence». With the participation of leading specialists of the NAS of Ukraine, specialised higher education institutions and experts.
May 16th, 2000 Creation of All-Ukrainian Public Organisation «Clean Wave».